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10+ ideas for 8 years olds' kids birthday parties

Updated: Mar 29

At 8 years old, children are more conscious about the holiday, so parents are wondering how to make it more fun. An 8 year-old is more nimble, their interests change, while their personalities are being formed. Therefore, organization of the holiday must be

approached, taking into account the age characteristics of both

guests and the hero of the occasion.

From ages 6 to 8, parents have the most options - whether your kid likes jumping on trampolines, splashing at a water park, riding a pony, participating in a science show, or taking a museum tour, we know your little one will be smiling from ear to ear.

So for anyone from 6-8 years old almost any option will do!

Below we have collected options on how you can celebrate birthday of an 8 year old child.

Laser tag and quasar

Laser tag is an alternative to paintball and airsoft for those who do not want to get dirty in paint or walk around with bruises. The point of the game is to hit the enemy with "laser" shots. Special sensors mounted on the player's clothing, fix the infrared beam emitted by the "weapon" of the opponent or team members of the "enemy".

Laser tag is held both indoors with special shelters and obstacles, and in outdoor areas or recreation centers across the country.

Races on models of motor and sailing boats

Water zone, from an exciting motorboat race with remote control to a graceful model boat ride! A favorite attraction for all ages! Read more

Kids Cafe

The children's cafe offers a delicious children's menu, cakes, a sweet bar, and a play area with games, slides, trampolines, and aqua makeup. Here you can organize creative and culinary master classes, various shows, mobile contests, and animation programs.

Nerf arenas

The game resembles paintball, but thanks to the use of special blasters it is absolutely safe. Instead of balls with paint - foam bullets are very light and do no harm on impact. The blasters themselves are specially designed for children from 6 years old, light and bright, they are devoid of sharp corners. The only condition is to wear safety glasses at the site.

Virtual reality

The unusual format of children's festivals in virtual reality is unique game locations and a lot of different subjects and worlds for teleportation.

The voyage begins with virtual reality glasses and provides a full immersion in an exciting game of different genres, the exploration of the depths of the oceans, the mysteries of distant planets, and the secrets of the human body. Read more

Outdoor activities

Trampolines and a variety of inflatable attractions will be a great addition to a children's birthday party outdoors. This is an option for an active holiday that will be fun and healthy for the kids. And sparkling ground fireworks fountains are a great idea for a spectacular ending to a children's party that will be remembered by young guests for a long time.


An animator is a professional, experienced actor and host of a holiday event who dresses up as a character from books, movies, cartoons, or games. His duties include creating a cheerful atmosphere at the party and maintaining a good mood in all those present, holding a certain event scenario, games, contests, and competitions.

For children's birthday parties, you can order one or more animators dressed up as children's favorite characters for your home or another place of celebration.

Drift and off-road racing on model cars

This event gets the birthday boy's heart beating harder than good old-fashioned radio-controlled car racing. Race or drift your car around our exciting track and see who will achieve glory in your group! Read more

Water Parks

Waterslides and water rides, pools with warm water in any weather, funny themed programs and fantastic characters, delicious food, and other entertainment at modern water parks will make your child's birthday joyful and unforgettable.

Zoos and aquariums

Children love animals, so a great idea would be to hold a birthday party at a large zoo with guided tours, animators, and even a theatrical program. For a closer interaction with the animals and a chamber celebration, go to a contact zoo for a birthday party.

For young lovers of the sea world and an unforgettable experience in all weathers, arrange a children's birthday at the oceanarium with fascinating science shows, animated tours, and quest parties.


The festive program in the parks is planned individually for each event, based on the available programs of the museums and taking into account the wishes, and creative activities of the birthday child, his age, and the time of year. The program of such a birthday party includes tours and art programs, as well as fascinating master classes.

Battles on radio-controlled cars: Read more

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