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10+ ideas for 11 years olds' birthday parties

Updated: Jan 27

Every child’s birthday is the most anticipated holiday. Parents should think the event through in advance to please their kid. If you decide to organize a holiday on your own, then read our article. Below you will find interesting ideas for a memorable holiday!

Children aged 11 and over may enjoy more challenging games: drone combat and virtual reality battles, as well as workshops on robot programming or 3D engineering, but also the good old laser tag tournament, playing paintball, scaling the side of a rock climbing wall, driving go-carts, or racing model cars and boats.

There are many places where you can celebrate a child's birthday in an interesting and often quite inexpensive way. We have collected the most unusual ideas on how to entertain children and make the holiday truly memorable.


A quest in a box is a ready-to-play kit, a quest can be easily organized in your home.

For the offsite event, you choose the location of the quest: nature, office, cottage, parkland, or other space, where a few hours before the event the quest organizers will arrive and prepare the site. Bright scenery, artifacts, puzzles, props, and accessories as well as a fascinating story and tasks that will not let the kids get bored are waiting for you.

The value of the gift is increased many times over, if you unpack the package before searching, running from cache to cache, and unraveling codes. To organize such quests easily, kits are complete with all the necessary materials and ready for use.

Entertainment centers

In the entertainment centers, there are many attractions with mazes, trampolines, and playgrounds. For a birthday party, you can organize an entertainment program with animators, master classes and shows, a festive table, and a children's menu.

Virtual reality

The unusual format of children's festivals in virtual reality is unique game locations and a lot of different subjects and worlds for teleportation.

The voyage begins with virtual reality glasses and provides a full immersion in an exciting game of different genres, the exploration of the depths of the oceans, the mysteries of distant planets, and the secrets of the human body. Read more


Go-karting is a great fun for birthdays. There are no traffic lights on specially equipped tracks and every driver, regardless of age, can feel like a Formula 1 racer.

Unlike a normal car, a kart has no suspension, and even a child can drive it. For children, there are special, less powerful karts that provide maximum safety for the young racer. The celebration can be concluded with a festive awarding ceremony on the pedestal and a tea party in the cafe.

Culinary Birthday Party

How to cheer up children, organize interesting and useful leisure for them and give yourself the few hours of relaxation that you deserve? You can celebrate a child's birthday as a culinary master class.

Under the guidance of a professional, cheerful, kind chef children will prepare dishes, a variety of desserts, cocktails, and drinks. The chef will entertain children during the whole event: show spectacular shows, make jokes, and tell interesting stories. Full involvement is guaranteed! Little participants will feel like real chefs, make lots of culinary discoveries, taste the dishes, get an unusual experience, new impressions, creative realization, and diplomas.

Event Lofts

The ideal presentation of a children's birthday party is a chamber and cozy atmosphere, just like at home, but the space is much larger and there is no need to clean up after themselves. And it's quite realistic - you only need to rent a venue for it (loft, art space, hall, etc.). Such sites can be found in all corners of the city, you can choose the one that is close to home, or in an insanely beautiful place.

You can arrange a party completely to your own taste - from snacks and desserts to decor and entertainment - create the child's happiness with your own hands because no one knows him/her better than you!

Races on models of motor and sailing boats

Water zone, from an exciting motorboat race with remote control to a graceful model boat ride! A favorite attraction for all ages! Read more

Scientific Holidays

Diversifying the holiday for your child will help a fascinating science. Special educational programs with scientific experiments show, and spectacular effects will long be remembered by the young kid and his guests.

During the holiday children have an opportunity to learn in practice how cartoons and movies are made, and how chocolates are cooked, they will investigate crimes, learn to do tricks, and learn by experiencing the mysteries of physical and chemical phenomena. And at the end of the rich program children will have a traditional tea party.

Trampoline Centers

A birthday party in a trampoline center contains a very rich, active program, which children especially like. Jumps are replaced by various contests, relay races, and other activities, so the time spent in the trampoline room will seem diverse and will fly by quickly and pleasantly.

Art Parties

The organizers will arrange a bright and fun party for children, where they'll discover the magical world of creativity. Together with art instructors, children will draw fairies, unicorns, animated cartoon characters, heroes, dragons, and more. The choice of topics is huge, especially for the party you can pick up themes from the gallery.

At the art party, they paint with environmentally friendly, water-soluble paints. The paint is bright, has many colors, and is easy to wash off from hands. Professional artists will help paint a real picture, and the host will not let the kids get bored. Colorful pictures are the best memories you'll get after the art party. Such a party will be remembered for a long time. Each child takes his or her masterpiece in a branded bag.


Anti-café always has free sweets and tea, and board games and payment depends on the time spent there. You can rent a hall in the anti-cafe where animation and interactive programs, popular show parties, quests, and master classes will be arranged for the kids.

You can also spend your birthday talking and playing with affectionate cats in a cozy cat cafe, or get acquainted, feed, and take pictures with real owls.

The show

Children's shows are original performances at birthday parties for children of different genres. These can be shown with elements of acrobatics, circus tricks with animals, spectacular science and chemical experiments, rousing shows with fire or fun paper parties, magical soap bubble shows, and much more.

Children's show programs are held both at home and at any other location for your event.

Rope parks

In the rope park children have adventures with puzzles, and unusual tasks, and search for artifacts and treasures - "on high" and in absolute safety. The park can organize a holiday, the program of which includes not just a set of standard competitions, but a set of fascinating tasks and sports, which will involve motor skills, logic, and thinking of the child.


The festive program in the parks is planned individually for each event, based on the available programs of the museums and taking into account the wishes, and creative activities of the birthday child, his age, and the time of year. The program of such a birthday party includes tours and art programs, as well as fascinating master classes.

Battles on radio-controlled cars: Read more


Paintball is a team game using pneumatic markers, shooting gelatinous balls with water-soluble paint that breaks when hitting an obstacle and coloring it.

As the game is rather traumatic, it is important that before and during the game instructors instruct children and explain safety techniques and monitor the battle. Clubs should use modern equipment, special protective equipment for children, and reduced power "weapons".

Modern paintball clubs offer special programs and scenarios adapted for children and fun birthdays.

This event gets the birthday boy's heart beating harder than good old-fashioned radio-controlled car racing. Race or drift your car around our exciting track and see who will achieve glory in your group! Read more

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