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Interview with Ino Gomez on LosRadio

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Ino Gomez on LosRadio

Arena STEM is making waves in New Jersey with its innovative approach to STEM education. Last Friday, our store manager, James, sat down for an interview with Ino Gomez on LosRadio's Ino Contigo program to introduce the first tech playground in the USA.

Throughout the interview, James shared his passion for STEM education and demonstrated how to fly a drone and drive an RC car. Ino was impressed with Arena’s interactive and engaging approach to learning and praised Arena STEM for its commitment to accessibility and affordability.

Arena STEM is designed to empower youngsters to learn STEM in a fun and engaging way. It’s a unique destination for fun and enriching activities for families across the board. James has shared with Ino our passion for hosting the most exciting birthday parties in the area as well as a summer camp program that’s currently creating much buzz.

LosRadio studio

With experienced instructors leading the way, children have the opportunity to explore STEM concepts through hands-on activities and experiments, making learning fun and memorable. Arena STEM is the perfect solution for communities and schools looking to provide quality STEM education to their children.

LosRadio show

Our appearance on LosRadio is just the beginning! We are determined to share our love for STEM across all of the communities of Bergen County.

So buckle up for one STEM of a ride and check out the full interview.

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