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Field Trip to ArenaSTEM

Looking for the perfect destination for kids this summer? Look no longer!

Come join us for a fun-filled day of activities and learning for kids of all ages. Arena Stem offers a FUN unique experience as well as engaging STEM workshops for you to come and enjoy.

For the standard packages choose activities and STEM workshops and schedule your visit to ArenaSTEM at www.arenastem.com.

Contact us at 201-301-8144 to discuss details for the groups over 40 participants or if you have special requirements.

Packages: Choose 2 activities & 1 class that you wish to participate in

10-25 participants --- --- $30 per person

25-40 participants --- $25 per person


40+ Participants --- Call 201-301-8144 or email to admin@arenastem.com for details

Total session lasts up to 2 hours

Hours may vary depending on package

Activity Zones (approx 20 mins each)

Pick 2


Off-road Track

On-Road Racers

DJI Robomaster

STEM workshops (approx 40 mins each)

Pick 1

Drone Dynamics

Robotics challenge with Sphero

Food and drinks can be provided at an extra cost:
Pizza pie will be $16 per plain pizza and 0.50 per drink.