Step into a whole new world with our new virtual reality activity! You can be a professional rock climber trying to jump from rock to rock 1,000 ft in the air, or you could be a soldier trying to defend your city from the enemy. We have a lot of different games you can try out so come be first in line for the future of gaming!


Ages 10+

Activity Length: 

Up to 30 minutes

Number of players:  1 to 




Immerse yourself in this realistic obstacle course where you jump across platforms and cross bridges all leveled well above the clouds!

This is a route that only

the most courageous and agile will reach

the finish line are you ready to challenge your fears

and experience

the unforgettable experience?


Fight against friends in this competitive and exciting first person shooter experience!

Team-based shooter in the style of the gangsta showdown of the 1930s in the united states choose the side of the almighty police or bandit clan and show who really rules this city

Ghost hunter

Ghosts and evil spirits have taken over the city, capture them in the ectoplasm trap and save the city to win!

Ghosts and evil spirits have taken over new yorki catch all

the ghosts and send them to the ectoplasm trap!

Lost in detroit

Team shooter in virtual reality. team versus team, or co-op against computer players, hundreds of bullets fired, exploding grenades, destroying helicopters and turrets, lead the team to victory in a difficult battle!