Racers Rejoice

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, start your engines! Prepare yourself for 30 minutes ofnonstop action as you see how fast you can take your vehicle around the drift track. Compete against friends and try to beat your own best times!

Enriching Format

Our professional instructors love what they do! Get taught by the best, and learn everything you ever wanted to know about on-road and drift-track racing. Plus, every race features comprehensive safety instructions about the equipment, the course and vehicle operation.

So Much Excitement Under 1 Roof

Whether you’re most interested in the science behind the drift or just love the glory of cruising first across the finish line, Arena STEM’s on-road and drift-track races are sure to fire on all cylinders. Get in on all the fun today!


Ages 8+

Activity Length: 

‎Up to 30 minutes

Few things get the heart pumping like a good old fashioned RC car race. Race or drift your car around our exciting track and see who gets the glory in your group! All materials and equipment are included.

On Road/Drift Track Activity

  • Get a comprehensive introduction to our course and remote-controlled vehicle operations

  • Learn important safety instructions

  • The number of laps per race is defined by the instructor

  • Races can vary but most include a practice round, qualification round and final race

  • Once you know the rules and your lap instructions, race your car through the course! Good luck!

This activity is for up to 5 participants and usually takes about 20 minutes, including instruction time.