Off-Road Thrills

It’s true. Racing our RC vehicles around the track is pretty cool… but going OFF-ROAD is even cooler! Test your skills in a whole new environment on our off-road course filled with tricky bumps and obstacles.

Enriching Activities

Arena STEM features a rich learning environment where children of all ages can safely explore and play with exciting educational toys and devices that help them better understand the world of science and technology.

An Engaging and Exciting Course

Bump. Roll. Tumble. Vrooom! Get your vehicle over the humps, bumps and off-road obstacles and really put your remote control driving skills to the test.


Ages 10+

Activity Length: 

Up to 20 minutes

Buckle up and get ready for a bumpy ride! Take the race off the road and test your skills on our thrilling off-road track, perfect for older children and adults alike. All materials and equipment are included.

Off Road Track Activity

  • Get a comprehensive introduction to our course and vehicle operations

  • Learn important safety instructions

  • The number of laps per race is defined by the instructor

  • Races can vary but most include a practice round, qualification round and final race

  • Once you know the rules and your lap instructions, race your vehicle through the course! Good luck!

This activity is for up to 6 participants and usually takes about 20 minutes, including instruction time.