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10+ ideas for 10 years olds' birthday parties

Updated: Jan 27

Ten years is the first "round" anniversary in your child's life, there are still a couple of years left before your child hits their “teens” and will most likely refrain from typical kids’ parties mentioned earlier. The features of this borderline age give rise to a lot of questions from parents regarding the organization of the child's birthday. How can we

celebrate the birthday of a child - 10 years old? How can we determine what exactly they want for their party?

Maybe they want to go to a cafe with friends or retire to a room with a couple of bffs and quietly watch some movies? Or do they dream of having a noisy party with dancing and singing karaoke? If you are well-aware of your child’s interests, you should not have

any difficulties. If this is not the case, then just ask the child what they expect from their party.

We’ve gathered some of the most creative and entertaining birthday party ideas to help you make your kid’s party truly memorable!

Races on models of motor and sailing boats

Water zone, from an exciting motorboat race with remote control to a graceful model boat ride! A favorite attraction for all ages! Read more

Event Lofts

The ideal presentation of a children's birthday party is a chamber and cozy atmosphere, just like at home, but the space is much larger and there is no need to clean up after themselves. And it's quite realistic - you only need to rent a venue for it (loft, art space, hall, etc.). Such sites can be found in all corners of the city, you can choose the one that is close to home, or in an insanely beautiful place.

You can arrange a party completely to your own taste - from snacks and desserts to decor and entertainment - create the child's happiness with your own hands because no one knows him/her better than you!

Virtual reality

The unusual format of children's festivals in virtual reality is unique game locations and a lot of different subjects and worlds for teleportation.

The voyage begins with virtual reality glasses and provides a full immersion in an exciting game of different genres, the exploration of the depths of the oceans, the mysteries of distant planets, and the secrets of the human body. Read more

Nerf arenas

The game resembles paintball, but thanks to the use of special blasters it is absolutely safe. Instead of balls with paint - foam bullets are very light and do no harm on impact. The blasters themselves are specially designed for children from 6 years old, light and bright, they are devoid of sharp corners. The only condition is to wear safety glasses at the site.


Go-karting is a great fun for birthdays. There are no traffic lights on specially equipped tracks and every driver, regardless of age, can feel like a Formula 1 racer.

Unlike a normal car, a kart has no suspension, and even a child can drive it. For children, there are special, less powerful karts that provide maximum safety for the young racer. The celebration can be concluded with a festive awarding ceremony on the pedestal and a tea party in the cafe.

Drift and off-road racing on model cars

This event gets the birthday boy's heart beating harder than good old-fashioned radio-controlled car racing. Race or drift your car around our exciting track and see who will achieve glory in your group! Read more

Kids Cafe

The children's cafe offers a delicious children's menu, cakes, a sweet bar, and a play area with games, slides, trampolines, and aqua makeup. Here you can organize creative and culinary master classes, various shows, mobile contests, and animation programs.

Water Parks

Waterslides and water rides, pools with warm water in any weather, funny themed programs and fantastic characters, delicious food, and other entertainment at modern water parks will make your child's birthday joyful and unforgettable.

Quest rooms

A reality quest is a special adventure for a child where he or she becomes a character in the story (like in a movie, favorite book, or game). Children in a small group are in a real room (quest room): the interior and decorations create a certain atmosphere, and the thematic plot and fascinating tasks plunge them into the history from which children need to find a way out, including their ingenuity and logic.

Equestrian clubs

A kid's birthday party on horseback? Not everyone can boast of something like this. The event usually includes a birthday program with horses and ponies, as well as a tea party with cake. If you wish, the script of the birthday program can be supplemented, and the celebration can continue with your own food or use the services of a cafe.

Parks: Rides and boats

In the parks of the city, children's birthday parties can be organized on their own. Major parks offer special picnic areas with barbecues, tables, and benches, where you can order delicious food with delivery, as well as a large number of rides, children's and sports grounds, and even rope parks.

You can ride boats and catamarans, horses, bicycles, electric cars, and roller skates, as well as arrange a whole field party with animators, contests, and quests. Some parks have ready-made programs available for a birthday party for a child and his friends.

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