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Hunt or be Hunted

Welcome to the jungle. This is no stroll in the park. You’re a tank commander. Fight solo or with teammates. This game is intense. Your heart will race. Be sharp or be pounded by your opponent.

Modern Warfare

Sitting at a computer you have a view of the battlefield on the floor below you. Don’t peek and look at the floor. Focus on the screen, maneuvering your tank around the battlefield.

Hit the Terrain

Use the keyboard to dart about in this laser-tag tank battle. Give yourself a few minutes to get used to working the right buttons. Once you master the keyboard, you’ll be an ace in battle.


Fight and reach the power-ups and gain extra life. Capture an enemy base and score points. Whoever seizes the most bases by the end, wins.


  • We explain how to maneuver the tanks.

  • Equipment is included.


Ages 8+

Activity Length:

Up to 30 minutes

Number of players: 1 to 6

Format: Solo, and Teams (Conquest Mode)

Hone your skills in an intense match of player vs player RC combat! Featuring two different battle options, free for all and conquest mode. In this activity, you navigate your remote-controlled battle tanks through the landscape, firing IR beams at other tanks to destroy them, and using your RC skills to win the battle for your team. All materials and equipment are included.

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