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Arena STEM Steals the Show at Make Things Happen 2023 Event

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

On May 23, 2023, schools from Bergen County gathered at Passaic ASCS Middle - Clifton Campus to showcase their achievements in the field of science and STEM. The event, called Make Things Happen 2023, was a platform for students to display their innovative projects and ideas.

Among the participating schools was Arena STEM, a leading STEM education center that offers hands-on learning experiences to students of all ages. Arena STEM stole the show with their impressive display of DJI robots, drones, RC cars, and a bionic arm. The DJI robots were a crowd favorite, with students and adults alike amazed by their precision and agility. The drones were also a hit, as they flew around the event space capturing footage of the different displays. The RC cars provided a fun and interactive experience for attendees, who got to race them around the venue. But perhaps the most impressive display was the bionic arm. Developed by STEM's trailblazer team of engineers and designers, the bionic arm showcased the potential of technology to improve people's lives. The arm was able to pick up objects and move them around with incredible precision, demonstrating the possibilities of robotics in the field of healthcare. Arena STEM's participation at Make Things Happen 2023 was a testament to their commitment to inspiring and empowering the next generation of innovators. By showcasing cutting-edge technology and providing hands-on learning experiences, Arena STEM is helping to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. As STEM education continues to gain importance in today's rapidly changing world, events like Make Things Happen 2023 provide an important platform for students to showcase their achievements and inspire others. And with organizations like Arena STEM leading the way, the future looks bright for STEM education and innovation.

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