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The Brand New Arena STEM Edutainment Complex Is A Smart Idea for Smart Kids [dedicated]

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

For many kids, there’s education and then there’s fun. And if they’re learning, they can’t possibly be enjoying it, right? But what about if they’re learning to program a drone to do tricks? Or if they’re learning to use technology to make art? The new Arena STEM edutainment complex in Westfield Garden State Plaza teaches coding and programming skills to kids of all ages that, once learned, will lead to hours of entertainment and, yes, fun!

Rock crawling course

If there’s one thing that parents know (especially after the past year) it’s that if kids don’t want to learn, it’s hard to force them. But what we’ve also seen is that if kids are doing something that they love and that engages them, it’s almost impossible to get them to stop. Arena STEM has created a safe and exciting destination that is part education, part entertainment and part retail to make STEM education accessible, enjoyable and memorable for kids ages 5 - 85.


At Arena STEM, you can select one or more of seven arenas that each offers a different activity. Arenas include a Flying Field, Aqua Zone, Drift Track, Off-Road Track, Tank Battlefield, Slot Car Track, and Rock Crawler course. Yes, you read that right. Arena STEM has stations where drones can fly, robots can move and a variety of remote controlled vehicles can be operated. Arena STEM gets your kids excited about the ways in which technology intersects with education, science, engineering and math.

3D Art pen session

Hands-on, interactive workshops and classes teach participants drone flight dynamics, mechanics and gears, 3D pen art, robot building and programming, Cada and Engino construction set assembly and more. So, if you’ve ever sat for hours scratching your head over the assembly or operation of the kits your kids received as a gift, Arena STEM is the place for you. They teach your kid to use those kits, then provide ongoing advice, support and, critically, spare parts, once your kid takes their newly acquired skills and toys home.

Kids who love to tinker, who are fascinated with how things work, or who just want to create will find something to love at Arena STEM. Plus, they can share that love with their friends by hosting a birthday party at Arena STEM. Birthday parties include access to three different stations, 1.5 hours of play time, plus pizza and drinks for up to five (5) players.

Toys demonstration zone

If you’d like to give Arena STEM a try, make plans to visit them on Saturday, April 3rd. Scott Buell, founder of Drone Legends, the nation’s leading drone flying and coding experience designed exclusively for children ages 8 – 13, will be on site for the day. Scott will be teaching your future engineer, rocket scientist or programmer to pilot a drone but he will also instruct them on how to program a drone to perform fully autonomous flights that your kids have coded themselves. Reservations are required for this event and space is limited. Visit the website or contact for more information or to register.

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