June 08, 2021

Ryan’s Birthday Party at Arena STEM!


Things seem to be finally going back to normal with restrictions being lifted all over the world. After a year of remote-learning, lockdowns, and social distancing we were so glad to have been able to celebrate Ryan’s 9th Birthday with friends and family. We wanted to make his birthday special, that’s why we chose Arena STEM to host Ryan’s 9th birthday Party! A safe environment adhering to CDC guidelines where kids can have fun learning!

Arena STEM is a new and innovative concept that provides an interactive environment for kids and young adults to play, learn, and engage with science and technology. It provides entertainment, education through their in-person workshops, and the option to purchase from their wide selection of new and exciting race cars, drones, robots and more.


You get hands-on experiences with real-life models, racetracks, flying fields, battlefield-tanks, and classes that include 3-D drawing, robotics, model making, and more. It’s an amazing concept that we were so glad to have been able to experience. Our children and party guests had never participated in these types of activities. Everything was so new and exciting. 


At Arena STEM you can select one or more of seven arenas that each offer a different activity. There are stations where robots can move and a variety of remote controlled vehicles can be operated. You can even fly drones! 

Ryan’s Birthday Party

Our party host, and the rest of the staff, were so attentive! They were so well informed and helpful when it came to booking the party and then on the actual day of the birthday as well! The instructors are very knowledgeable and begin by introducing the selected course to the kids and explain how to operate the remotes.


You can choose up to three of the activities for your child’s birthday party for a total of 1.5 hours of playtime. You can see all of the birthday party details here:


Aqua Zone

We started with Aqua Zone, designated for kids 5 and up. The kids had a blast racing their boats through the course. It was a 20-minute activity and you have the option of choosing the motor boats or sailboats for the kids to race.

The kids had a great time controlling the boats in the pool, and we had a great time watching! They were maneuvering their boats using techniques the instructors had taught them. It was a hit! It’s also available for purchase.


The course only allows up to 5 people to play at a time and there are also plastic barriers to keep the kids from getting too close to each other and each in their own designated spot.


Slot Car Racing Track

Whether you’re 3 or 30, it’ll never not be fun to watch miniature cars zoom around a miniature track at ridiculous speeds.


This track is also designated for kids 5 and up. Up to six attendees can participate in this activity at a time.


With more innovation and technology being rolled into these racers than ever before, it’s a pretty exciting time to be racing against your friends on a miniature race track.


All of the participants were provided a practice round before the race. This activity was about 15 minutes. Available for purchase.


Flying Field

Kids grow up with technology today in a way that we never did. Those formative neurological pathways give them a huge advantage when they take drone lessons and fly them for the first time!


This rings especially true for kids who have spent any time playing with games consoles. The cognitive and motor skills are there, it’s often just the confidence that isn’t. This style of learning gives kids the opportunity to use their skills on real-world applications with drones.


As soon as that drone was up in the air, all of the kids were transfixed on it. They were so excited and proud of themselves!


Best part is they’re also using skills related to mapping, geometry, physics, engineering, photography, cinematography and coding.


Our group received instructions and practiced techniques before our 30 minute session began with the drones. Kids 8 and up were allowed to join with a maximum of 6 participants. They received full safety instructions and were able to practice with training rings and obstacles.


Battlefield Challenge

The kids 8 and up participated in a battlefield challenge! Up to 6 attendees can participate at the same time. They had a great time. This activity was about 20 minutes.

The kids really had some epic STEM challenges! Battlefield was one of the most exciting. They had an insanely fun time battling their friends using realistic battle tanks.


After enjoying these exciting activities the kids continued the celebration in the party room, where they ate pizza and sang Happy Birthday to Ryan. This birthday will surely be etched into his memory, because he was at his happiest. All that I can ask for.


Classes & Courses

Like I’ve been saying, Arena Stem provides hands-on, interactive workshops and classes to teach participants drone flight dynamics, robot building and programming, mechanics and gears, 3D pen art, and more. They teach your kid to use these devices and create their own and then provide ongoing advice. If you’re looking to invest in a fun learning activity where they will expand their minds while having fun, Arena STEM is it. It has a lot to offer and your child can continue to develop his/her skills. We’d highly recommend signing up for a workshop!


If you’re looking for gift ideas or just looking to treat yourself, we bet you’ll find something that catches your eye here. Your kids will be able to implement their new skill sets at home on their own devices.


April 12, 2021

How STEM Comes to Life at Arena STEM

As an engineer and a mom, making STEM-based subjects fun for my daughters has always been a passion of mine. My husband and I try to bring science, engineering & math to life during everyday life whenever possible and I always encourage my girls to explore their interests in these subjects. That’s why I was thrilled when I heard about Arena STEM in Paramus, NJ.


This facility allows children to control remote control vehicles in a wide variety of environments (paved road, rough terrain, water, air, etc.) Playing with RC vehicles is incredibly educational. Specifically, learning how to control an RC vehicle exercises a child’s fine motor skills, vastly improving their 3-dimensional spatial awareness. Figuring out how to maneuver the vehicle around obstacles involves dexterity and focus. Watching these vehicles move throughout the various courses also brings to life the physics of motion. For example, players learn that in order to avoid tipping over, the cars must slow down during turns.


Planning how best to navigate around obstacles and beat an opponent at the race requires problem-solving and strategy skills. Understanding cause-and-effect is required, as a child determines which direction on the remote will cause the vehicle to move to the left. What I really love about Arena STEM is that the play is immersive. At the facility, one is surrounded by so many educational exhibits and interactive activities so the child is fully engaged & entertained the whole time. 


When we arrived at Arena STEM, we were first greeted by an awesome robot. Sophia loved interacting with the robot!


Now let’s get to the various activities we experienced at Arena STEM.


Rock Crawling Course

This was the first activity we participated in when we arrived at Arena STEM. Here players drive their off-road vehicle across uneven terrain for a fun challenge. This activity gave the girls their first introduction to controlling an RC vehicle at Arena STEM. It took a bit of practice and trial & error but they got the hang of it eventually.


Flying Field

Our next activity was one of Sophia’s favorite spots. The Flying Field provides an introduction to quadcopters and flight techniques. There were fun obstacles and training rings. The mission was to control the drone and move it precisely from one mat to another. As an added challenge, players are tasked with flying the drone through a training ring. Sophia really enjoyed learning to control her quadcopter and has even put an RC quadcopter on her birthday wish list.


Aqua Zone

The Aqua Zone was Charlotte’s favorite activity. Here players learn to control the RC Boats around a large pool. With multiple players, it’s fun to make this into a competition and see who can complete the course first. There are both motor boats and sailboats available for navigating through the water.


On Road Track & Off Road Track

On these tracks, players race their vehicles through a defined course. This was entertaining for both girls and they had a great time competing against each other to see who can complete the courses first. With sharp turns at every corner, this was a challenging one!


Battlefield Challenge

Battlefield Challenge was another fun one! It offered an introduction to laser tag play, making it the perfect destination for parties of larger groups to play against each other. There are boulders to hide behind, while planning a strategic attack on an opponent’s vehicle.


Slot Car Racing Track

Racing their slot cars through the beautiful city with true-to-scale details was another fun activity for the girls. They quickly learned that they must slow down their vehicles during the turns to avoid tipping over. 


We really enjoyed our trip to Arena STEM. For those wishing to take their learning to the next level, there are a number of classes available (both one-time and ongoing classes.) Some fun examples include Drone Flight Dynamics, 3D Pen Workshop, Motor Engineering & Mechanics and more. Arena STEM also offers birthday party packages for those looking to celebrate in style with a focus on science. Want to take one of the RC cars home with you? Arena STEM even offers a wide variety of RC cars, trucks, drones and robots for purchase.

The girls would love to visit the facility again sometime soon and we’re even considering a birthday party for Sophia later this year at Arena STEM. A fun, entertaining experience that’s also educational? Yes, please!!


Don’t forget to learn more about Arena STEM here. How do you make STEM-based activities fun for your kids? Have you ever visited Arena STEM? Would you like to check out this family-friendly educational destination?


March 29, 2021

The Brand New Arena STEM Edutainment Complex Is A Smart Idea for Smart Kids [dedicated]

For many kids, there’s education and then there’s fun. And if they’re learning, they can’t possibly be enjoying it, right? But what about if they’re learning to program a drone to do tricks? Or if they’re learning to use technology to make art? The new Arena STEM edutainment complex in Westfield Garden State Plaza teaches coding and programming skills to kids of all ages that, once learned, will lead to hours of entertainment and, yes, fun!

If there’s one thing that parents know (especially after the past year) it’s that if kids don’t want to learn, it’s hard to force them. But what we’ve also seen is that if kids are doing something that they love and that engages them, it’s almost impossible to get them to stop. Arena STEM has created a safe and exciting destination that is part education, part entertainment and part retail to make STEM education accessible, enjoyable and memorable for kids ages 5 - 85. 


At Arena STEM, you can select one or more of seven arenas that each offers a different activity. Arenas include a Flying Field, Aqua Zone, Drift Track, Off-Road Track, Tank Battlefield, Slot Car Track, and Rock Crawler course. Yes, you read that right. Arena STEM has stations where drones can fly, robots can move and a variety of remote controlled vehicles can be operated. Arena STEM gets your kids excited about the ways in which technology intersects with education, science, engineering and math.


Hands-on, interactive workshops and classes teach participants drone flight dynamics, mechanics and gears, 3D pen art, robot building and programming, Cada and Engino construction set assembly and more. So, if you’ve ever sat for hours scratching your head over the assembly or operation of the kits your kids received as a gift, Arena STEM is the place for you. They teach your kid to use those kits, then provide ongoing advice, support and, critically, spare parts, once your kid takes their newly acquired skills and toys home. 


Kids who love to tinker, who are fascinated with how things work, or who just want to create will find something to love at Arena STEM. Plus, they can share that love with their friends by hosting a birthday party at Arena STEM. Birthday parties include access to three different stations, 1.5 hours of play time, plus pizza and drinks for up to five (5) players. 


If you’d like to give Arena STEM a try, make plans to visit them on Saturday, April 3rd. Scott Buell, founder of Drone Legends, the nation’s leading drone flying and coding experience designed exclusively for children ages 8 – 13, will be on site for the day. Scott will be teaching your future engineer, rocket scientist or programmer to pilot a drone but he will also instruct them on how to program a drone to perform fully autonomous flights that your kids have coded themselves. Reservations are required for this event and space is limited. Visit the website  or contact for more information or to register. 

March 29, 2021

GSP's Newest Entertainment Venue: Arena STEM




December 15, 2020


For further information,
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Arena STEM, Director of Marketing

Arena STEM, a new retail edutainment concept opened its first U.S. location at Westfield Garden State Plaza today. The flagship store will be located on level two near Nordstrom.
Arena STEM is a new and innovative concept that provides an interactive environment for kids and young adults to play, learn, and engage with science and technology. The 40,000 sq. foot facility offers hands-on experiences with real-life models, racetracks, events, contests, and classes that include 3-D drawing, robotics, model making, and more.
“More and more STEM curriculum has become an integral component of education in the United States and a gateway to STEM-related jobs,” said Arena STEM co-founder Sergei Manevich, who designed and developed the concept. “Arena STEM is a fun environment that utilizes STEM principles and fosters self-expression, critical thinking, and innovation.
“Arena STEM will provide our guests a unique experience that engages them in a new and different way,” says Jay Daly, senior general manager of Westfield Garden State Plaza. “We are excited to welcome them to Westfield Garden State Plaza as we continue to expand the ways people can shop, dine, work, and play at the center.”

For more information on Arena STEM and center operations, hours, and services, shoppers can visit

About Arena STEM
Arena STEM, co-founded in the U.S. by Sergei Manevich & Lenny Lozinsky, is a new and innovative edutainment concept in a retail setting, focused on activities in the technical sciences of Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics combined with sports and hobbies. It offers people of all ages the ability to interact with the products sold through real-life models, tracks, events, contests, and classes that include 3-D drawing, robotics, model making, and more. Area STEM is supported by Starta Ventures’ partners, Alexey Girin and Serge Milman.

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Westfield Garden State Plaza is the ultimate destination for fashion, dining and entertainment in the NY/NJ metro area offering the best selection of brands in every retail category. GSP is renowned for delivering new cutting-edge retail concepts to market. Just minutes from Manhattan in Paramus, N.J., millions of shoppers each year enjoy an unparalleled shopping and dining experience, personalized services and amenities at GSP.

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