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Join us in developing a national chain of Arena STEM centers - a premier brand for STEM edutainment.


11,000+ happy customers in the past 12 months. Over 25 school field trips since January 2022.


320% Year-to-Year growth of entertainment and education activities. 80% Blended Gross Margin.


Multiple streams of revenue - Entertainment, Education & Retail generated over B2C, B2B & On-Line.


Customers say: “I WISH I HAD THIS WHEN I WAS A KID!”



Sergei Manevich  Founder, CEO

A Serial Entrepreneur with a track record of creating multiple businesses: Alliance Marketing Group with top revenues of $200M, Pilotage International - a chain of 40 hobby stores in 7 countries, and Arena STEM Centers in the U.S.

Being a father of three and interested in promoting quality family time as well as in developing the new formats of STEM education this became a continuation of my previous business ventures in the areas of marketing, distribution, and retail.


Lenny Lozinsky  Co-Founder, CFO

A lifelong entrepreneur and investor with demonstrated success in launching multiple start-ups, growing and turning around existing businesses, raising capital, and executing complex M&A strategies.


Alexey Girin  Board Member

General Partner at Starta Ventures.



Inside every adult is an inner child that used to have a dream.  Some of us wanted to grow up to become doctors, and some dreamed about becoming astronauts.  But Sergei had a different dream – he didn’t want to grow up at all, he wanted to keep his inner child alive.

As a father of three, Sergei was always looking for ways to spend quality time with his family and provide enriching activities for kids.  So he came up with an idea to create a new type of destination.  The idea was to get kids interested in science and engineering through playful activities.  This led to the development of the Arena STEM concept - a unique playground for all ages that combines STEM education with entertainment - Edutainment.


Fast forward a few years, and in December of 2020, the first US-based Arena STEM center opened at Westfield Garden State Plaza, in Paramus, NJ.  First came friends and family. They brought more friends, and soon enough, we started hosting birthday parties for kids and adults (yes, we recently hosted a 50th birthday party!).  A couple of months later, local schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Summer Camps started booking field trips to come to Arena STEM.


And again and again, customers were saying: “I WISH I HAD THIS WHEN I WAS A KID!”

And when people from Florida to California, Canada, and even the UK started asking us to open Arena STEM centers in their areas, we realized that there is a significant and growing demand for community-based Education and Activity-focused centers.


So we decided to create a national chain of Arena STEM centers to become a dominant player in the STEM Edutainment market.

Now we are asking you to join our fundraising campaign to help us to create a new kind of destination where FUN and KNOWLEGE live under the same roof.


Arena STEM developed a revolutionary omnichannel approach to Edutainment and Retailtainment.  Our educational, entertainment, and retail platform is focused on the positive influence of fostering a sense of community while facilitating STEM education for kids and adults.