Easy to Learn

Truly an all-ages activity, Slot Car Racing is easy to learn, even for beginners! Come learn the fundamentals of remote control racing from our professional instructors and test your skills in action on the rack track.

Excitement for All

Slot Car Racing is the perfect introduction to STEM activities! It’s a truly engaging activity that provides hands-on exploration of how things work. Not only that—it’s a blast! Little kids, big kids and adults alike can all enjoy a race around the Slot Car track!

Fun Memories for the Whole Family

It’s engaging fun for the whole family! Race one another on the course, or take on a new friend and see who gets the glory. This fast and fun activity takes just a few minutes to learn, and provides fun memories to last a lifetime!


Ages 5+

Activity Length: 

Up to 15 minutes

An ideal activity for all ages, slot car racing is simple, straightforward and the perfect introduction to STEM! All materials and equipment are included.

Slot Car Racing Activity

  • Get a comprehensive introduction to our course and vehicle operations

  • Learn important safety instructions

  • Races can vary but most include a practice round, qualification round and final race

  • Once you have your instructions, race your slot car through the course. Good luck!

This activity is for up to 6 participants and usually takes about 15 minutes, including instruction time.