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Be a Monster

This monster truck crawl uses flexible and nimble cars that turn with both front and back wheels, moving in all directions. This is a highly technical challenge. Try to go over and under obstacles.

Rock & Roll!

Learn how to maneuver. To go across the bridge, align the wheels perfectly. This course teaches fine motor skills. Go too fast and you fall off; go too slow and you won’t get over the obstacle.

Beat the Competition

Learn how to properly navigate the course, and when you’re ready, compete with friends! See who can make the best time around this challenging and unpredictable track!


  • Equipment is included.

  • We give full introduction to the course and vehicle operation.

  • We give important safety instructions.


Ages 8+

Activity Length: Up to 30 minutes

Number of players: 1 to 4

Format: Solo, and Teams

Crawl, climb and dig yourself out of trouble on our thrilling rock crawling course! Go off-road and test your skills on the rough and tumble of our terrain. All materials and equipment are included.

  • Get a comprehensive introduction to our course, crawler and trophy operations

  • Learn important safety instructions

  • Races can vary but most include a practice round and a timed competition round

  • Once you have your instructions, take your off-road vehicle to the terrain. Good luck!

This activity is for up to 4 participants and usually takes about 20 minutes, including instruction time.

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