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Rock This Boat!

From the awesome horse power of motorboats to the sleek design of sailboats, the engineering of boating is a feat of human ingenuity! Aqua Zone is your first step to a possible maritime career.

Fun for All Ages

Batten down the hatches, raise the anchor. Zoom across the pool and towards victory. Play boat tag, or soccer with a Batman Boat to move the ball. Be careful so your opponent doesn’t swipe it.

Ready. Set. Go!

Get your feet wet with a practice round. Once you know the rules and instructions, race your boat around the course! Survive the qualification round and win in the final race!


  • Equipment is included.

  • The course is suitable for motorboats or sailboats, but races only include one type at a time.

  • We give full introduction to the boats, along with safety instructions.


Ages 5+

Activity Length: Up to 30 minutes

Number of players: 1 to 5

Format: Solo, and Teams

From the fascinating mechanics of motorboats and remote controls to the ingenuity of sailing, our Aqua Zone is a favorite stop for all ages. All materials and equipment are included.

Aqua Zone Activity

  • Get a comprehensive introduction to our model sailboat or motor boat operations

  • Learn important safety instructions

  • The number of laps per race is defined by the instructor

  • Races can vary but most include a practice round, qualification round and final race

  • Once you know the rules and your lap instructions, race your boat through the course! Good luck!

This activity is for up to 5 participants and usually takes about 20 minutes, including instruction time. Our course is suitable for either motorboats or sailboats, but races will only include one type at a time.

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