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Arena STEM — an innovative Edutainment & Retailtainment platform

Education and Entertainment for Kids of ALL ages.

Arena STEM was not always what you see now - a transcendental world of STEM activities, workshops, and toys, changing the way children appreciate education - it all began with a vision. 


Inspired by his inner-child, owner Sergei Manevich found a way to turn his vision into reality; he combined his two favorite things - STEM education and fun! With a big idea, determination, and endless optimism, he opened the first Arena. The positive feedback was tremendous; the tiny hobby store was soon to be morphed into an indoor amusement center unlike any other…

However, Manevich wanted to redefine the typical toy store; he incorporated STEM learning with the toys and activities themselves, making it unique to other competitive toy stores. Arena STEM not only sells toys, but offers one-of-a-kind STEM activities, workshops, birthday parties, field trips, and so. much. more. 


With only one current location in the entire world, we are making a mark on young children, encouraging many to broaden their interest in education. We have no doubt that Arena STEM will keep growing until we reach children all over the United States and further expand internationally. 


We created Arena STEM for children of ALL ages. What that means is we welcome toddlers, teens, young adults, “old” adults, and everyone in between. As Walt Disney once said, “Who says we have to grow up?” so why should you??

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